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We are given many things in life for free. They're the things that we often take for granted – but they're crucial to living life.

One of these freedoms is quickly programmed out of us, and then when we are deemed responsible... it's thrust back into our hands. This freedom is the freedom of choice.

Being new to making our own adult choices, we often work inside of the obligations placed on us - which essentially limits that freedom of choice. Changing this mindset means that we need to ask different questions; questions that will bear the marks of our individuality. This is what I'm good at. Finding out who you are, who you want to be and then walking with you as you make and live by your choices .

If you're brave enough for this journey – then let's go!

There are some questions that Google can't answer. But more importantly - there are some things that Google can't ask you! With the increasing automation around us, we need to choose to have people in our lives who build relationships of trust and can help us ask the right questions about our futures.

As a financial advisor - this is what I'm good at. It's not about what financial products you choose, or what investment vehicles you select; it's about why you make those choices, and knowing exactly what choices may serve you and your family best.

Let's ask those questions together.

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explore | create | choose


Most financial plans begin and end with the products. Your plan needs to begin and end... with you.


Having asked the right questions about your life, we will research and create the financial choices that you can choose to best suit you.


With a clear understanding of who you are, and what you want, you can make powerful and informed choices.


Your life will keep changing, and you should be able to change your choices too. We can review your plan and enhance it when needed by exploring, creating and choosing.


Empowering you to create
the choices you need to make.


hear it from our clients

Namens Oosterland se Skoolhoof Me E Botes en personeel wil ons u bedank vir die wyse waarop u ons skool ondersteun. Baie dankie vir die spreker Mnr Spies wat deur u gereël was. Ieder en elk was baie beindruk tydens toespraak met personeel asook tydens die saalbyeenkoms. Dit is ‘n groot motivering vir ons leerders. Die personeel en leerders kan hul toerus met lewenskwaliteite na aanleiding van die toesprake deur Mnr Spies. Dit is mense soos u wat vooruitgang makliker maak en ons trots laat voel om deel van Hoërskool Oosterland te wees.


Tinkie Kruger

Hoërskool Oosterland

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